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E7018 Stick Electrode

E7018 Stick Electrode

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E7018 Electrode 

Class: E7018  AWS A5.1 

Brand: Weld Wire Co.

Conforms to Certification:                               Weld Process:
AWS A5.1 , ASME SFA A5.1                Shielded Manual Metal Arc Electrodes


E7018 is a basic electrode designed to improve deposition rate and bead appearance for welding mild and low alloyed steels under conditions of high restraint.


Deposited All Weld Metal Properties % As Welded:

Tensile Strength                   82,670 psi 
Yield Strength                      69,610 psi
Elongation In 2"                   30%

Recommended Welding Parameters

Diameter                               Amperage

  3/32"                                      80-100

  1/8"                                       100-150

  5/32"                                     130-200

(Material Test Reports Available.)

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