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Jupiter Stainless & Alloy is America's fastest growing online metal supplier. Our core values are precision, strength, longevity, affordability, and consistency.  Jupiter Stainless & Alloy has the highest quality and lowest priced online metal supply available online direct to you or your company's doorstep.

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Who Is Jupiter Stainless & Alloy?

Jupiter Stainless & Alloy is an AS9100 and ISO9001 certified supplier of high quality metal products. We use our tremendous buying power to offer the best prices anywhere when buying metals online. You can rest assured you are buying metals online from a certified supplier that has quality as it's #1 priority!

What Makes Jupiter Stainless & Alloy Different?

Jupiter Stainless & Alloy sources the same high quality and certified material that other online metal suppliers offer except at a better price! Extensive research goes into our pricing so you don't have to spend you're time searching online for the best price. You're time is valuable so when buying metals online you know that Jupiter Stainless & Alloy has already done the comparison shopping for you! 

TIP - The crossed out prices are our competitor prices so you can literally see the savings!

Where Does Jupiter Stainless & Alloy Source Their Material?

Jupiter Stainless & Alloy uses only the top certified distributors and manufacturers for all of our metal products. Our extensive screening process determines the best supplier for each product and then we work with them to get you the best price. All of our seamless pipe, tube, bar stock, flanges, butt-weld pipe fittings and hydraulic fittings come standard with material test reports so you know exactly where you're material came from! Our Aerospace fittings and fire sleeve come with C of C's straight from the manufacturer.

How To Buy Metals Online Tips.

It's very important when buying metals online to make sure you know exactly what you are buying. There are lots of different shapes, alloys, sizes and specifications for each product. These are very important guidelines to follow to make sure you get exactly the right material. First, make sure you know the specific alloy you are looking for. Some examples are 304/L, 316/L or Nickel 625. Second, are there any specific specifications you're material needs to be certified to? Jupiter Stainless & Alloy has all of the specifications listed for each product within our product pages. Some examples of specifications would be ASTM or AMS which govern industrial and Aerospace applications. If you are buying pipe or tube does it need to be seamless welded? Welded pipe and tube typically has a lower maximum pressure rating than seamless. These are just a few tips that can help you make the right choice when buying metals online from Jupiter Stainless & Alloy!