More About Our Firesleeve

Jupiter Stainless & Alloy offers high quality Industrial and Aerospace fire sleeve that can be used  to protect hoses, cables and wires from fire or extreme high temperature environments.

Our fire sleeve can protect from the hazards of high heat and occasional flame to 500°F and withstand a molten splash up to 2,200°F. Fire Sleeve consists of either braided (Aerospace) or knitted (Industrial) fiberglass that is coated with a high grade silicone rubber. Fire Sleeve is resistant to hydraulic fluids and lubrication oils and fuels and insulates in energy loss in piping and hosing.

Aerospace Grade Firesleeve  (AS1072 standard) complies with the AS1072 build requirements.The Aerospace Grade allows qualified hose assemblies to pass AS1055D testing under stated flow and pressure conditions.  

The primary difference between the Industrial and Aerospace sleeve is the construction of the fiberglass substrate of the sleeve. The industrial sleeve is knitted fiberglass and the aerospace is braided fiberglass.  They have the same general temperature ratings and overall performance is similar. 

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