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ENi-CI (Nickel 99) Stick Electrode

ENi-CI (Nickel 99) Stick Electrode

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E7018 Electrode 

Class: ENi-CI (Nickel 99)  AWS A5.15 

Brand: Weld Wire Co.

Conforms to Certification:                               Weld Process:
AWS A5.15 , ASME SFA A5.15              Shielded Metal Arc Weld Process (SMAW)


Nickel 99 electrode is designed for welding of gray iron castings to themselves, as well as joining them to mild steels or stainless steels. Preheat and interpass of 350ºF minimum is recommended during welding.


Deposited All Weld Metal Properties % As Welded:

Tensile Strength                   72,500 psi 
Yield Strength                      57,000 psi
Elongation                            5%

Recommended Welding Parameters

Diameter                               Amperage Flat

  3/32"                                         70-85

  1/8"                                           85-110

  5/32"                                        110-140

(Material Test Reports Available.)

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